Superbowl Sunday: Fantastic Recipes for a Vegetarian Crowd

I have to be honest, this year I wasn't as committed to the NFL and gameday Sundays.  I blame in part my crazy life between friends, family and work - all good problems to have - and the fact this winter has been so nice.  I've found it hard to stay inside when I feel so privileged to have such amazing weather in Maine.  I still stayed committed to Tom (Brady) and the Patriots (obviously), however, I didn't watch too many other games, including my husband's beloved Giants.

For today, I have a delicious yet somewhat healthy menu prepared.  For starters eggplant is currently being dried out for some yummy eggplant parmesan bites.  Here's what you need to do: 

1. Dry out eggplant by sprinkling salt on somewhat thinly sliced cubes of eggplant (think of how thick you'd want your bites to make and adjust as needed)

2. Layer paper towels between the layers created in step 1

3. Mix 2 eggs, 1 cup breadcrumbs, and seasoning in a bowl

4. Heat skillet with tablespoon of oil

5. Dip cubed eggplant into step #3 mixture

6. Place cubed covered eggplant into skillet, drop heat of skillet

7. Cook until golden brown which should be 3 - 4 minutes

8. Let cool then enjoy and devour!

Next up, loaded sweet potatoes!  I found an amazing recipe online, so get Google-ing.

Go Broncos!  

Town Landing Market in Falmouth Maine

If you are on a weekend drive, head up to Town Landing Market.  This old fashioned general store was recently acquired by a new owner.  It now offers Standard Baking Company baked goods, StoneWall Kitchen items, breakfast sandwiches, and of course an authentic Maine lobster roll.  Any to-go food would be perfect for a 30 second drive down to Town Landing for a picnic.

On a Saturday morning walking down 88, you'll see lots of cyclists and the community out and about.   Now go out and enjoy the day, and let me know what you think about Town Landing Market!


Social Hour at Rudy’s In Cape

Rudy’s recently reopened in Cape Elizabeth.  I love the inside, it’s very farmhouse chic if that was a thing.  The tables are decorated with mason jars, and there’s wood everywhere.  The entire decor is very welcoming, and the staff was awesome.  We all had different types of Maine brews along with a variety of snacks from their social menu, served before 6PM.  The mussels where huge, and surprisingly we tried the deviled eggs and really enjoyed them.  Their spin of normal food was greatly appreciated for a fun evening out with friends.