Summer Reading List - Thanks Bill Gates!

Summer is when I read the most, and I'm I stumbled upon the following article about Bill Gates reading list recommendations.  I'm always looking for another non-fiction or self-help book to read.  I find those genres to be the most inspirational and motivational.  Here's to a summer of reading enlightening books - thanks Bill;)

The 5 Books Bill Gates Recommends Reading this Summer:

Not Your Mother's Banana Bread

After several open houses and a few showing appointments on top of that, I came home after putting close to 100 miles on my car and did something that many normal people would do on a Sunday afternoon - I baked some banana bread.  I'm an innovative baker who loves to come up with my own healthy recipes by omitting butter and oil and adding in greek yogurt and other substitutes.  

Today I made banana bread, but since I rarely write my recipes down I can't tell you exactly how I did it.  Often times, those are when whatever I make it incredible, but will never be 100% replicated again.

I'll make note and start writing down what I make.  Instead today I'll share that my recipe was quite similar to Lauren's:  Thanks for everyone that makes something awesome and traditional and adds their own spice of life to it.

Happy eating!

Trek Across Maine: Good Luck To All

Now that the weather is heating up, so are many people in Maine when it comes to fundraising and races.  I attended a bar crawl to support a team doing the Trek Across Maine.  This was such a great idea to bring the community of Portland together, support local businesses and an incredibly organization, American Lung Association.  If you are interested in supporting the fight against lung cancer, please consider donating to this team.  Thank you to all that help such an amazing event!

Good luck to everyone participating in the Trek Across Maine!


Town Landing Market in Falmouth Maine

If you are on a weekend drive, head up to Town Landing Market.  This old fashioned general store was recently acquired by a new owner.  It now offers Standard Baking Company baked goods, StoneWall Kitchen items, breakfast sandwiches, and of course an authentic Maine lobster roll.  Any to-go food would be perfect for a 30 second drive down to Town Landing for a picnic.

On a Saturday morning walking down 88, you'll see lots of cyclists and the community out and about.   Now go out and enjoy the day, and let me know what you think about Town Landing Market!