Perfect Day-trip to The Goslings

One of my all-time favorite places to swim off the coast of Maine is the Goslings, a part of Goose Island off of Harpswell.  Last weekend we took my parents’ boat up there for a nice relaxing ride.  Along the way we pointed out places we had visited before like Sand Island while dodging lobster buoys and navigating through  the ledges.  Once we arrived and pulled up a mooring by the Goslings, we ate Cookie Jar Donuts (Kris’s fav) and celebrated my father’s bday!  

When it comes to swimming in the ocean, I’m not one to always (or ever) jump in.  However, this time I couldn’t resist.  The water was crystal clear and just the right temperature as the rocks had been heating up all morning since it was low tide.


Social Hour at Rudy’s In Cape

Rudy’s recently reopened in Cape Elizabeth.  I love the inside, it’s very farmhouse chic if that was a thing.  The tables are decorated with mason jars, and there’s wood everywhere.  The entire decor is very welcoming, and the staff was awesome.  We all had different types of Maine brews along with a variety of snacks from their social menu, served before 6PM.  The mussels where huge, and surprisingly we tried the deviled eggs and really enjoyed them.  Their spin of normal food was greatly appreciated for a fun evening out with friends.

We moved to Maine!

Ok, we officially moved.  Yes, it has been a while since you've heard from me.  That's what happens when you move and start a new job in three days.  Now that it's been nearly a month, I have much to update you on.  For starters, Willard Square is the perfect place to call home for the next 12 months.  With restaurants, bars and a beach within walking distance what isn't there to love!  It's also dog friendly, and people seem incredibly active.  Have you ever lived in a place (outside a city) where lots of people are constantly on the move, walking and running with friends, significant others, their dogs?  It makes me want to go for a run every day - and yes, I know I'm a rare breed.

Other than that, I'm thoroughly enjoying my easy-breezy commute!  

It's time to reestablish myself and travel around to the wonderful towns of Maine. Stay tuned.



I'm at crossroads in life where I'm about to embark upon a new adventure.  In fact, in the last six months I've experienced lots of a change - a thing that I embrace.  I got engaged to my best friend and sole mate Kris!  We decided to make a move from Cambridge, MA, to my home state of Maine, which entailed finding and starting new jobs, a new apartment, establishing new favorite restaurants, a gym; I could keep going if you want.  A week before the big move, I had an epiphany while in meditation at yoga - I should document everything that's been happening to me, more to share who I am, what I've been through and to find my voice.  So, hi.  I'm Monica Nicholas.  I look forward to sharing more with you!