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One of the many communities that I love in Maine is Falmouth.  Falmouth offers something for everyone from rural farmland to oceanfront properties.  Best of all, there are so many amenities on either side of town so you never really need to leave if you don't want.  Falmouth Land Trust has also done an incredible job with conserving land and creating trails for the general public to enjoy.  If you want to learn more about Falmouth, give me a call!  (207) 749-4170  Talk soon!

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Selling Your House in the Winter

Do you think the weather impacts home sales?  Perhaps, but what I'm finding is that buyers are active even as temperatures dip.  Would you like to know how much your home is worth?  I can help by offering you a free marketing analysis.  If you want to sell your home in the winter, there are a few things you absolutely must prepare yourself for: shoveling, salt and keeping your roof clear are absolute musts.  Think curb appeal, but also safety!  I have a several other tips to implement should you list with me!  Let's keep the market warm and toasty so your home will sell fast.

Talk soon,

Monica Dambach

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Difference Between a Mortgage Loan Inspection Plan Vs. Boundary Survey

I am frequently asked about the difference between a Mortgage Loan Inspection Plan (MLIP) and a survey.  Often times buyers will see the MLIP listed as part of their estimated closing statement and they automatically think that a survey is being done.  Survey is a loose term when it comes to MLIP.  Here are the differences.

MLIP  :  The MLIP is a sketch of how the house sits on the real estate and is drawn up by a licensed surveyor.  It is NOT a full, boundary survey, but helps distinguish the locus structure(s) are actually located on the deeded lot.  It shows buildings in relation to easements and rights-of-way.  It can also expose setback violations for town, wetland setbacks and special deed restrictions.  It shows any encroachments of buildings or driveways. 

Full Survey:  Full survey is also done by a licensed surveyor.   It is costly and time consuming as it has much more detail.   The surveyor researches past deeds for clarification of the legal description and whether it shows any easements, ROW’s, etc.  They do research at town halls to obtain information about the locus (zoning, setbacks, etc.).  They go out to the site and take specific measurements (not sure if they use different equipment), but the full survey has much more information on it than the MLIP.

Please reach out to me at Monica@OceanHouseRe.com or (207) 749-4170 for more questions about the home buying process.

Home Buying Checklist

Thanks to Realtor.com you can access their home buying checklist below.  I would urge you to save!  We are in such a competitive market right now around Greater Portland that buyers with the least amount of financing concerns to a seller are the strongest applicants.  Finding a lending is just as important as finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy and hardworking Realtor.  

Realtor.com's checklist is a great start.  If you'd like my personalized checklist to fit your search then please reach out at monica@oceanhousere.com.  Helping buyers and sellers throughout the coast of Maine.


Make Your Move To Falmouth, ME

This timeless colonial in Falmouth offers versatile space both indoors and out. Entering the home you'll find an open concept kitchen to living, family and dining room. Situated on just over an acre, this private backyard has a deck large enough to invite the whole neighborhood over! Don’t forget about the large bonus room above the three car garage - the perfect office space, rec room or guest quarters.

Just Moved? Now What...

If you just moved into a home and are on a limited budget then there are a few things you could do to spice up your space.  For instance, pops of greenery enhance a room.  Adding accessories to shelves are another small thing to do, or buying beautiful pillows at say Target or Home Goods.  Lighting, and this can be done on a dime!  I found some incredible copper-esque pendents and a chandelier to dress up my kitchen space.  Best of all, I only spent $400 to do so.  Lowes and Home Depot, or maybe even your local store can help you save while dressing up your space.  Last, but not least, perhaps you could paint!  Tip for resale?  Keep rooms painted in a neutral unless this is your forever home.  It will help you when you go to list in the future!  Enjoy your new space, and remember that Rome wasn't built in a day.


What I Love About Falmouth, Maine

Having grown up in Cape Elizabeth and moved back home nearly three years ago to pursue the incredible lifestyle of Maine, I have come to appreciate the many communities that I get to work and play in.  My husband and I chose to purchase a home in Falmouth, ME, and I couldn't be happier.  Here's what I love about this incredible community.

1. Convenience: When it comes to convenience, we have multiple restaurants including Ricettas, Foreside Tavern, Dockside Grill, grocery stores (yes two), incredible markets including Town Landing Market, retail stores, gym, yoga studios, office supply retailers, sporting goods, you name it.  I really don't need to leave the beautiful town I call home unless I want to.

2. Strong Community: My husband and I do not have children, but there is a strong sense of community even just in our neighborhood.  Everyone looks out for each other.  They want to know when you go away.  They always wave.  This is the stuff life is all about.

3. Largest anchorage in Maine: Having grown up in an oceanside town, I'm partial to beaches and smelling the salt air.  A short walk from public parking brings you to Town Landing, a public area for you to enjoy the boats bobbing on a warm summers day, or even with the crisp winter wind, the view to Sturdivant's Island looks so rugged.  Helps to put life into perspective when you get to see the natural wonders of this rocky coast.

4. Proximity to Portland, Route 295, Route 1: The Old Port is home to hundreds of incredible restaurants, which we are only 12 minutes drive to!  There's no crossing the Casco Bay Bridge, no sir.  We get to drive down Route 1 and peer at the city skyline as we make our way into the city.

5. Mountains: Love to ski?  Guess what.  Living north of Portland means you are that much closer to Sunday River or Sugarloaf, or even some of my favorite smaller mountains like Mount Abram or Shawnee Peak.

If you'd like to learn more about life in Falmouth then message me at Monica@OceanHouseRE.com.  I'd love to show you why I'm so passionate to call Falmouth home.

Country Living's Take on Living in Maine

I like to read and hear what other's think about living in Maine, as making your move here isn't always easy.  Like moving anywhere, you have to find your niche.  You have to get out and be willing to meet people.  You have to explore - no one can do this for you.  So while I do sympathize with Country Living's take on Living in Maine, I know firsthand that you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone, say hello and smile as people you don't know, walk around your neighborhood or frequent your favorite coffee shop.  This is life and what's you make of it that really counts.


Spring 2017 Housing Market

What I've seen in the field of working day in and day out of the real estate industry and housing market within Greater Portland is that a wave of buyers are active and ready to pounce on home, especially in certain micro markets.  New listings in certain neighborhoods like Rosemont are seeing multiple offers as the norm and over asking purchase prices right out of the gate.  Other markets where the price point is a bit higher like Falmouth and Scarborough are seeing slightly slower markets.  For instance, historically homes in Falmouth over 3,000 take 120 days to sell.

So as a buyer, how can you be competitive?  You must be pre-approved.  Make sure you have a letter from your lender prior to submitting any offer.  Sharpen your writing skills as you'll really have to woo the seller to stand out from the pack.  Sometimes both of those two items will help, but won't get you the property.  Why?  Price or financing terms come into play.  Keep that in mind when submitting your offer, and best of luck in your home search in Maine.

Monica Dambach, Realtor

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Relocating to Maine? I did.

Are you considering relocating or moving to Maine? Let me show you why our state motto is vacationland or the way life should be. 


Every Greater Portland community has something different to offer, and I’m experienced to talk about the market, amenities, schools and culture of each town or city.


My goal is to provide you with the information you need to be an educated buyer so this home buying process can be as seamless as possible.  Now let’s get started on your home search so you can call Maine home.