We Live In Falmouth, ME

Growing up as a girl in Cape Elizabeth, I would have never guessed that I would start my roots with my amazing husband in Falmouth, ME, but this marks the beginning of a new chapter for us.  We bought a lovely home on Falmouth Foreside, where we know the location is absolutely amazing.  Our home is a cute tri-level that for the most part is quite livable, if you think a kitchen from 1968 is "livable".  I have to say, our oven, which is two times the age of us, is amazing.

My advice for first-time homebuyers is to find a home that you love and see potential in.  Don't buy one that has everything you've ever dreamed of, and you know why?  The name of the game is to move up.  Purchase a place, make some money by making smart financial decisions by investing in the right place.  Your first place likely won't be your last, so keep that in mind.  No granite?  No problem - you'll have it in time!

I know, I know.  I'm in love my home too, but I'm also looking forward to work we will put in to make this place ours.   I almost was a victim of falling head-over-heels for a home on Oakhurst Road in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  Unfortunately, it was overpriced which I overlooked in the beginning, but with at least $25,000 worth of issues it needed fixed immediately, we walked away.  Walk away if something at the bottom of your gut says no.  Yes, you will have a  pit in your stomach and think, I've lost my dream home, but you haven't.  You'll find another.  Be smart, and think about the financial implications before signing anything!