House Hunting - Psh, please.

After searching for many months, looking at over 20 homes and feeling like we'd never find the right place, we DID!  The gem we found in Falmouth is one that online we probably would have passed up just from looking at the photos.  I always told Kris, "I will not live in a split."  Well, guess what?  According to the deed it's not a "split", it's a raised ranch, but it's ours...and I LOVE it.  Our open style living, dining and soon-to-be (in 2+ years) is amazing.  We've had so many people over and for entertaining, it's perfect.  With some TLC and a few reno's this place will be rocking.  

For all first-time homebuyers don't look for the meticulously maintained home with granite countertops and the perfectly landscaped yard.  Look for the one on the street that has great potential.  I think you'll have the satisfaction that we do, that we own the place we'll put some sweat equity in.  The ultimate dream is then to sell for lots more money than we paid for.  For now, we'll settle with our 1968 oven, grey painted hardwood floors and all the other character that comes with it!