Dockside has the best happy hour in 04105.  With ocean views and friendly staff, I just love this place for the calamari accompanied by a margarita, brew or a few sips of moonshine.  I recently heard a radio spot on Falmouth, Maine about Route 1 and how developed it is.  If you haven't been to Bueno Loco, Ricettas or Foreside Tavern definitely go!  We love them all.  When we first moved to Falmouth, I was worried that Route 1 would be too developed for my liking, however, I have to say it's actually just so convenient.  Not to mention, the zoning board of Falmouth has done a great job to make the town look good too.  It's nice to run into neighbors while shopping at Shaws and shoot the breeze for a little while.  It's also nice not to have to drive far for things when you forget them, or when your dog eats your hose and you need another immediately.  There are nice places to every town, but overall you have to be comfortable and feel good about where you live.