Tri for the Cure

I'm happy to say I won the lottery ticket into the Tri for a Cure.  I am a total believer in giving back to your community and to those that need it most.  When it comes to cancer, it impacts so many people.  I cannot wait to celebrate the survivors, remember those that we've lost and raise money to keep the research going to find a cure.

In order to make my fundraising campaign successful, I'm hosting an evening out at a local establishment where a portion of the night's proceeds will go directly to Tri for a Cure.  My goal is to raise $750 - all will be invited to attend this event.  I will share more when things are finalized!

Now onto training.  I'm an ok swimmer with absolutely no competitive experience in a pool or ocean water.  This part will surely be the toughest for me.  Now that the snow has melted, it's time to breakout and ramp up my running schedule and pump the air in my bike tires.  Reve Cycling has been absolutely amazing in keeping me in shape throughout the winter, but it's time to get outside and rock-and-roll.

From what I've read, training for a tri takes a lot of time.  I need to carve out some time in my schedule and get after it!  With that, I'm off to run or swim.  Too many options!