Lonesome Lake Hike

o fulfill the foliage fall needs, my husband and I went with my side of the family up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  My brother Brendan was turning 26, and wanted to celebrate in such a way.  We camped at Apple Hill Campground for two nights.  At the end of September you know the weather is changing in New England, but I think we underestimated the 30 degree nights in a tent.  Our Bernese Mountain Dog Rooney was probably in heaven with the weather.

We didn’t let the frigid temps bring us down.  We took a hike around Lonesome Lake and enjoyed several waterfalls and streams winding the basin.  The hike was easy to moderate, but perfect for our group of six who wanted to enjoy the outdoors before kissing fall goodbye and welcoming winter with wide arms.

After snagging a platform to eat lunch on at the lake, we swung into the hut.  The hut was equipped with delicious sweets and lemonade, something we couldn’t resist for $1 or $2 each.

I would recommend the campground to anyone in a big group as site 2 was perfect for three cars and tents.  Be forewarned that Google Maps brings you close to the campground, but not quite to Maple Street in Bethlehem, NH.  Give the owner a call when you are close, and he’ll direct you to the correct spot.