10 Steps to Homebuying

The homebuying process can be a daunting process, it can also be the most exciting time of your life knowing you are making an investment in your future.  Either way, a licensed real estate professional will educate and guide you through the process, making sure your real estate needs are met.  Don't be frightened by getting pre-qualified, it's in your best interest to do.  Why look at properties that are above your price range?  That's no way to make a sound investment.  Lead with what you brain says, and don't let emotions guide you into something you won't be comfortable with for the next 5 - 30+ years.

10 Step Guide To Finding Your Perfect Home

1.  Call a real estate professional to start your search - do a quick search, ask friends for recommendations, visit a local office and interview licensed real estate professionals.  Tenure doesn't always mean better service, so ask the right questions for you and your situation.

2. Contact a lender and find out how much you can afford - this involves pulling a credit score and providing statements, pay stubs and such, so make sure you have proper documentation in order.

3.  Start your search - at this time your real estate professional should have set you up with a daily or weekly email with listings in your search criteria.

4. Coordinate with your licensed real estate professional which open houses you'll attend.

5. After viewing properties, you've found the right now.  Work with your real estate professional to make an offer!

6.  Get a home inspection - this is the surest way to know what you are inheriting.  Make sure your inspector is qualified and does a thorough job.  Your real estate professional should have recommendations from previous sales.

7.  Now it's time to get a timeline of what deadlines you have for financing and working with your lender to secure the funds.  Your real estate professional should drive this conversation, but make note of all dates to ensure a thorough understanding of the process.

8.  The appraisal - Your lender will schedule an appraisal of the property to estimate the value of the home.  The appraiser is independent of the lender, but walkthrough the property and give a fair and honest evaluation of the price of the home.

9.  Title examination - A title company will be involved to examine the rightful owner of the property.  Talk to your real estate professional to understand this process in more depth.

10.  Closing time!  You recently did the walkthrough the property, and everything looks good.  You attend the closing, sign all the necessary paperwork and deliver the funds to close the transaction.  It's time to celebrate whatever that may mean to you!

The work may seem over, but there's still a lot to do.  You'll need to declutter, start packing, move, unpack and start creating memories in your new home.  Congrats!