What I Love About Falmouth, Maine

Having grown up in Cape Elizabeth and moved back home nearly three years ago to pursue the incredible lifestyle of Maine, I have come to appreciate the many communities that I get to work and play in.  My husband and I chose to purchase a home in Falmouth, ME, and I couldn't be happier.  Here's what I love about this incredible community.

1. Convenience: When it comes to convenience, we have multiple restaurants including Ricettas, Foreside Tavern, Dockside Grill, grocery stores (yes two), incredible markets including Town Landing Market, retail stores, gym, yoga studios, office supply retailers, sporting goods, you name it.  I really don't need to leave the beautiful town I call home unless I want to.

2. Strong Community: My husband and I do not have children, but there is a strong sense of community even just in our neighborhood.  Everyone looks out for each other.  They want to know when you go away.  They always wave.  This is the stuff life is all about.

3. Largest anchorage in Maine: Having grown up in an oceanside town, I'm partial to beaches and smelling the salt air.  A short walk from public parking brings you to Town Landing, a public area for you to enjoy the boats bobbing on a warm summers day, or even with the crisp winter wind, the view to Sturdivant's Island looks so rugged.  Helps to put life into perspective when you get to see the natural wonders of this rocky coast.

4. Proximity to Portland, Route 295, Route 1: The Old Port is home to hundreds of incredible restaurants, which we are only 12 minutes drive to!  There's no crossing the Casco Bay Bridge, no sir.  We get to drive down Route 1 and peer at the city skyline as we make our way into the city.

5. Mountains: Love to ski?  Guess what.  Living north of Portland means you are that much closer to Sunday River or Sugarloaf, or even some of my favorite smaller mountains like Mount Abram or Shawnee Peak.

If you'd like to learn more about life in Falmouth then message me at Monica@OceanHouseRE.com.  I'd love to show you why I'm so passionate to call Falmouth home.