This Millennial Agent Can Help In Your Home Search

I've made a serious life change, something I feel like I always knew I would do.  I quit my 9 - 5 (or 8 - 6+weekends+nights because let's be serious who works 9 - 5 any more), and I'm going into real estate full-time.  Ever since working for RE/MAX Integra I've had this passion for real estate, there was this fire that made me want to learn more and do more.   What I've seen is that if you're a real estate agent you work 24/7 - nights, weekends, holidays - you just don't stop, and that really excites me.  Hard work will pay off, and I can't wait to hit the ground running.

I'm excited to announce that I've joined Ocean House Real Estate, a boutique agency out of Cape Elizabeth.  I'll help buyers and sellers with their housing needs.  Many of my friends are moving back to Maine, and for those that are already in the state, I'm excited to share with them the wisdom and incredible enthusiasm and knowledge of Maine communities and lifestyle.

How am I different than other real estate agents?  I'm a millennial.  I love technology.  I have a ton of ideas, each tailored specific to you and your needs.  No two transactions will be alike because everyone wants something different.  From marketing or showing a property to negotiating on your dream home, I'll give you a tailored plan on how we'll make your next move the best move.

I'm responsive at all hours via email or cell.  I look forward to chatting with you soon!

(207) 749-4170