Support Your Local CMN Hospital, Barbara Bush Children's Hospital

As part of my last job, I worked with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, an organization that raises funds for 170 children’s hospitals.  This organization is one that I will always support.  In fact, one of the CMN Hospitals near and dear to my heart is the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland.  The money that CMN raises goes into an unrestricted fund that can be used for the hospitals greatest needs or something that wasn't originally allocated for in the budget.  The individuals that I met through CMN Hospitals are incredibly hardworking and totally believe in the cause – I mean, who doesn’t?  You can truly make an impact in your community as all donations stay local and help children and families in need.

I’m proud to say that I’ll be volunteering at the Cares for a Kids Radiothon at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital on March 13th from 5AM - 7AM.  The hospital and staff are such amazing resources to have available for children and families in Maine.  Call 1 (800) 352-6865, make a donation and you'll be making a difference in a child’s life.


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