Spring 2017 Housing Market

What I've seen in the field of working day in and day out of the real estate industry and housing market within Greater Portland is that a wave of buyers are active and ready to pounce on home, especially in certain micro markets.  New listings in certain neighborhoods like Rosemont are seeing multiple offers as the norm and over asking purchase prices right out of the gate.  Other markets where the price point is a bit higher like Falmouth and Scarborough are seeing slightly slower markets.  For instance, historically homes in Falmouth over 3,000 take 120 days to sell.

So as a buyer, how can you be competitive?  You must be pre-approved.  Make sure you have a letter from your lender prior to submitting any offer.  Sharpen your writing skills as you'll really have to woo the seller to stand out from the pack.  Sometimes both of those two items will help, but won't get you the property.  Why?  Price or financing terms come into play.  Keep that in mind when submitting your offer, and best of luck in your home search in Maine.

Monica Dambach, Realtor

Ocean House Real Estate


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