Selling Your Home During the Holidays

I know that the holiday season is full of celebrations, guests and feasting, but listing your home during the holidays might actually help sell it.  Here are a few ideas to sell your home faster this holiday season.

On the exterior, if you have holiday lights then this will dress up the home, especially as daylight is limited.  Always enhance your curb appeal by trimming bushes, washing windows or storm doors, and cleaning up the exterior if there are leaves or chipping away at ice on walkways.

It's hard to do, but when you take out those holiday decorations, be sure to put away other appliances or items on the counter to de-clutter.  Buyers want to feel like this could be there home, not that it is yours.  

Keep your house in holiday party mode.  From clean floors to fresh towels or cookies baking in the over, all of those elements will help your home appeal more to buyers.

We hope you enjoy a lovely holiday season!  


Monica Dambach, Realtor